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Save the Date for Part III of Better World A-Comin’

Save the Date for Part III of Better World A-Comin’
Sponsored in part by the Arvest Foundation... 

Date: Saturday, 4/23/22
Time: TBD
Place: The Woody Guthrie Center, 102 East Reconciliation Way, Tulsa, OK 74103

MUSICIAN INCUBATOR WORKSHOP (by invitation/application only; more details below)
Date: Sunday, 4/24/22
Time: TBD
Place: The Skyline Mansion, 620 North Denver Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74106

In collaboration with the Woody Guthrie Center, Music to Life is producing the last of a three-part series of FREE programs, bringing together Tulsa-based artists, their allies and stakeholders, to help them become more effective with their music-driven programs that address the needs of their communities. See below for more info on Part III of Better World A-Comin’ including Public Panels and a Musician Incubator.

We encourage you to nominate a Tulsa-based musician or panelist for the changemaker weekend here (note that this might be YOU):

Public Panels will take place on Saturday, 4/23/22, at the Guthrie Center in Tulsa and are free and open to anyone interested in understanding the impact of music or arts-driven programming that heals, advocates for and serves communities in need. Public sessions will be led by panelists who have been tapped from business, creative organizations and nonprofits; and will cover a range of topics such as the local creative economy, networking and building community support and measuring community impact. If you are interested in attending, please send your name and email to

The Musician Incubator will take place on Sunday, 4/24/22, at the Skyline Mansion in Tulsa. The full-day intensive includes customized programming for 10-12 selected musicians (identified by application/invitation), who have specific ideas for music-driven programs in their community. These artists will receive additional hands-on training in proposal development, identifying good-fit partners and mobilizing community support. Participating artists will:

  • Leave with a draft outline of their concept, fundraising and partnership ideas, and an individualized “artist as change-maker” statement
  • Receive up to 10 hours of post-weekend technical assistance to help formulate grants, develop partnerships and/or troubleshoot program challenges
  • Qualify to join Music to Life’s juried artist list (our Artist Changemakers), and the National Music for Change Network with ongoing performance, educational and grants opportunities

We encourage all Tulsa-based musicians to complete the application linked here by Monday, April 4, 2022: