Sophiyah Elizabeth

Sophiyah Elizabeth
Born and raised in Detroit, MI Sophiyah Elizabeth draws inspiration from the desire to raise awareness surrounding liberation and spiritual reverence. Through community advocacy and musical production, the producer/songwriter/singer connects various mediums using frequencies of sound, visualizations and meditative practices. Sophiyah's love affair with piano and technology intertwines story-telling and ancestral influence amongst digital and analog textures! Elements of Toni Morrison, Sade, Idris Muhammad, Erykah Badu and Yusef Dayes, to name some, have influenced this electric-soul fused vibration. Through dreamy sound scapes and an earthy warmth she conveys messages of truth, peace and empowerment she hopes will uplift others.

Sophiyah’s appreciation and respect for the spirit keeps her deeply rooted in her community as well as traveling to encourage individuality, truth and peace. The healing power of art is a motivating force.  Sophiyah is founder of Afro Moone, A Detroit-based wellness resource furnishing sonic healing practices, creative direction/strategy, and accessible aids for healthy living. It’s most popular debut, Moone Shots of Afro Moone Wellness , are fresh pressed immunity boosting ginger elixirs! In February of 2020, Afro Moone introduced “INDIGO” a sonic exploration into spiritual and indigenous works, bringing focus to acknowledging the oneness within spirit, community and artistry. In honor of the natures cycles, this production is set to emerge quarterly.

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, social injustices and economic inequities impacting our communities, Afro Moone was driven to encourage positive change by way of spiritual and radical movement.  June 2020,  S.O.W. (Solidarity,Ownership,Wealth) formed as a live music pop-up organization for community building, social and economic wealth. This diverse community cultivation is powered by fellow musicians/artists and local organizations\business owners uniting to raise awareness and uplift via accessible community resources and networks.

Sophiyah impels a story-telling lens as Director of Artist Relations and Programming of DCIPHER- a Detroit based organization dedicated to advancing the community and music economy. Within this master mind collective, Sophiyah spearheads strategy and implementation to ensure that every event is an experience that engages audiences on all levels. She is responsible for building and facilitating relationships with artists, music professionals and business organizations within the community and abroad to connect through opportunities and services.

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