Musical innovation for the issues of our time

“Our society faces obstacles to equality and justice that appear more overwhelming and complex than those of the past. The power of even one song to reach and affect an entire generation makes music an invaluable tool for social change in the present and the future.”

—Cara E. Palmer, Associate to Executive Director and Archivist, Music to Life


Raising Awareness

Music to Life provides engaging and dynamic panels, presentations, and workshops that explore the effectiveness of music as a tool for social change. We present best-practice approaches to employ music as a cause-related messaging and engagement tool.

Services include
  • Conducting historical, social scientific, and neuroscientific research to illustrate the relationship between music and social movements
  • Organizing panels and educational presentations demonstrating the power of music to impact social movements
  • Providing workshops and technical assistance to cause-driven organizations interested in integrating music into their messaging and engagement strategies

“Music to life opened our eyes to new ways we might use music to inspire and motivate our volunteers. People left the presentation feeling more energized and renewed in their commitment to service.”

—Elana Weinstein, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Bloomberg Media, NY, NY

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Engaging communities

Music to Life collaborates with cause-driven organizations to produce fully customized, timely, and engaging music-driven programs that foster connection, creativity, and change. We employ our own music and media design experts and a selection of local activist artists and A-list talent to create high-quality packages for events of all sizes and budgets.

Services include
  • Reviewing initial event concepts and conducting best-practice evaluations of finalized event concepts
  • Facilitating creative event brainstorming with consideration of timeline and budget constraints, messaging and engagement objectives, and appropriate multimedia and talent selections
  • Producing events through collaborative processes with additional attention given to event themes, show scripting, talent management, and organization branding

“The concept and aim of the show was brilliant. It gave me ideas for new outlets of connecting people to nature and for how music might help elevate and communicate my mission and brand.”

—Participant, Inspiring the Next Generation Nature Conference, Shepherdstown, WV

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Music to Life works with activist artists who create music and music-driven projects that engage new audiences and empower vulnerable populations. We connect these artists with performance, funding, and partnership opportunities, and support their efforts to put music to work for social change.

Services include
  • Offering advice and networking opportunities to artists as they create new music and music-driven projects
  • Identifying and collaborating on grant proposals to fund artists’ work
  • Providing funding and technical assistance through Music to Life’s competitive Activist Artist Fund & Fellowship

“I have felt incredibly supported by Music to Life as I work to create a non-profit music program in the city of Austin. The mentorship and guidance have proved to be incredibly valuable and have made my work possible.”

—Vanessa L., Artist, Austin, TX

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