Musical innovation for the issues of our time

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Really effective songs reach across borders, generations, and mindsets; they’re skillfully built to be inclusive and impossible to forget. Music to Life moves us in this way.

—Buffy Sainte-Marie, Artist, Canada

Music to Life offers opportunities for songwriters in all genres trying to make a difference. We’re seeing artists in completely different genres coming together to make an impact in the world.

—Baby Jay, Artist, Houston, TX

I am proud to be part of Music to Life’s effort to connect songs with people who need to hear them, and inspire artists who need to sing them.

—Josh White, Jr., Artist,  Detroit, MI

I feel hopeful about the issues and the state of live music, and hopeful for the future of our world, to know that it’s in the hands of some of these revolutionary, revelatory performers.

—Participant, Music for Changing Times Festival Finale, Ventura, CA

“The closest thing to a common experience of emotion is music. Music can draw you to want to change the world around you, when you come to desire what the lyrics call for.”
—Noel “Paul” Stookey, Artist and
Co-Founder, Music to Life