Musical innovation for the issues of our time

On Sale Now: HOPE RISES, a compilation album of 15 Activist Artists!

HOPE RISES is a compilation album of 15 Activist Artists from around the country, with diverse genres, backgrounds and styles. Get your copy – CD or download – here!

Music has always played a vital role in the social change movements of our time. Now more than ever we need it! Become part of the musical response team by attending Accelerating Change: A Music to Life House Concert

I feel hopeful about the issues and the state of live music, and hopeful for the future of our world, to know that it’s in the hands of some of these revolutionary, revelatory performers.

—Participant, Music for Changing Times Festival Finale, Ventura, CA

“The closest thing to a common experience of emotion is music. Music can draw you to want to change the world around you, when you come to desire what the lyrics call for.”
—Noel “Paul” Stookey, Artist and
Co-Founder, Music to Life