Musician Changemaker Training

Changemaker Training

Our Musician Changemaker Accelerator (MCA) programs - the national Academy and local Workshops - help musicians become more effective change agents in their communities. They mobilize the often-overlooked capacity of musicians to be part of strategic and creative social justice solutions; they help facilitate collaboration between musicians and nonprofit partners, resulting in music-driven programming that attracts new sources of funding; and they raise awareness in the broader community as artists build new kinds of support from their fans and issue-based stakeholders.

MCA Academy

Workshop Academy

Are you an artist with an idea for a social change program? The MCA Academy is a six-week issue-focused virtual experience (followed by twenty weeks of coaching) which transforms each musician’s ability to become a social change entrepreneur in their communities. Artists come away with a concrete plan and the skills to execute it.

MCA Workshop

Get involved

Are you a community organization seeking to activate the social change musicians in your area around an issue or event? Our MCA Workshop is an adaptable daylong incubator that introduces musicians to the tools they need to develop sustainable social change programs through partnerships with local organizations.