Sponsor Us!

Sponsors & Underwriters

You’re a socially conscious national or regional business leader with an interest in communicating your values, connecting with like-minded affiliates and customers and supporting musicians as they further social justice and build resilient communities.

Our projects and special events are diverse and varied in scope, theme, geography, and reach and offer a music & issue-driven platform from which to amplify your brand and reach. Opportunities for sponsorship include:

    • Underwriting: We produce shows throughout the year and can offer you a platform that speaks to the issues your company cares about.  Our themed monthly series, for example – Brave Troubadours – showcases musicians from across the country who are healing their communities and is offered both online and live (as conditions permit). More platforms, events and opportunities arise throughout the year and will include the launch of our annual Social Change Music Awards in 2022.
    • Accelerator Academy: We produce 2-3 intensive online training programs a year for musicians seeking to be effective, entrepreneurial change agents in their communities.  These trainings are themed around Music to Life’s core pillars (civil and human rights, climate change, poverty and/or health) and participating musicians are nominated from their communities.
    • Accelerator Workshops: We also produce an abbreviated version of the Academy through Workshops that are held in-person (as conditions allow), community-specific, and customizable to the needs and interests of the community/collaborators. Coordinated with local organizers (community partners), the Workshop offers a more adaptable/portable, less expensive introduction for social change musician entrepreneurs. The Workshop helps artists understand the skills and partnerships needed to develop sustainable, community-oriented programs.

Sponsor Benefits

We can offer several promotional options in association with your sponsorship, including:

    • Logo placement (social media posts, website)
    • Tickets, special mention and opportunity to directly address show audiences
    • Special interest articles (incorporated into our press releases, headline our newsletters)
    • Coordinated program development (facilitating your issue-driven corporate values with positive music-driven programming)

Additional benefits to our work together include:

  • Quality community investment
  • Enhanced profile
  • Values promotion
  • Associated impact on issues
  • Expand and diversify customer Base
  • New skills, tools and resources (recruiting & retention advantage)
  • Networking opportunities

What Can We Do Together?

We encourage you to explore possibilities with us. Let’s create something special that communicates your organization’s interest in a more just, equitable and sustainable world.