Artist Changemakers

Our artist friends are talented, socially conscious musicians and educators across genres, styles and generations.  They work with us to build their entrepreneurial skills as change agents, mentor next generation talent, secure funding and promotional opportunities and collaborate on music-driven social change projects. We've included a representative sample of our artist friends, below; you can search for them by their issues of concern or their names.

If you're interested in musician changemakers serving on your panel, leading a workshop, or visiting your classrooms, please contact our Artist Liasion, Kyra Shaughnessy at  If you're an artist change maker yourself and would like to join our juried artist roster, or be considered for one of our online programs or performances, please introduce yourself by completing this application.

All Artists
Environmental Justice
Youth Empowerment
Civil & Human Rights
Hope Rises II
Amalia Ortiz
Jason Kao Hwang
Jaime Ospina
Thea Hopkins
Nique Love Rhodes
Dayvin Hallmon
Jason Chu
Krudas Cubensi
Kalyn Fay
Julia Keefe
Eric Dozier
GP Jackson
Cheryl Cawood
Lauren Adams
Aaron English
Troubadours of Divine Bliss
Emma’s Revolution
Reggie Harris
Charlie Mosbrook
Sapphire Faded Genes
Candice Wicks-Davis
Jaimee Harris
Utako Toyama
Tem Blessed
Kyshona Armstrong
Juan Tejeda
Neale Eckstein
Elexa Dawson
Chad Harper
Rissi Palmer
Alphabet Rockers
Aisha Fukushima
Dayo Adoyele
Maya Jupiter
Doug Kolmar
Sara Thomsen
Briana Wright
Jean Rohe
Brad Corrigan
Crys Matthews
Daniel Ray Hilsinger
Judi Emanuel
Dumi Right
Vanessa Lively
Omega Jade
Las Tesoros de San Antonio
Jenifer Johns
Eugene Ruffolo
Kristen Graves
Rising Appalachia
Shaina Taub
Steph Pappas
Saxon Kincy
Sasha Klare-Ayvazian
Lilli Lewis
Raye Zaragoza
Dr. Thomas RaShad Easley
Yoshie Nakayama
David G Smith
Nicolás Ramiro Valdez
Branjae Jackson
Brian Claflin and Ellie Grace
Aaron Marfizo
Ellie Grace
Nate Cameron
Tanaya Winder
Joe Jencks
Kev Choice
Shelley Segal
Naima Shalhoub
Byron Au Yong
Taiyo Na
Shireen Amini
Amanda Pascali
James Kahn
Vera Chisvo
Myles Bullen
Shea Rose
Austin Willacy
Millie Heckler
George Ensle
Ashni Davé
Buffalo Rose
Jen Chapin
What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?
Myra Flynn
Arielle Silver
Enrique Chi
Phillip Sandifer
Mary Gauthier
Ruben ‘Beny’ Esguerra
Rachel Kilgour
The Smittens
Gina Loring
Shelley Morningsong
Rajnii Eddins
Cary Morin
Treya Lam
Maggie Szabo
Jasiri X
Big Little Lions
Emilia Dahlin
Kristen Grainger
Carla Gover
Elisa Harkins
Em Zanleoni
Nimesh Patel
Rachel Garlin
Steven Hernandez
DJ Sean
Kamica King
Gina Chavez
Marcie Hernandez
Kartika Jahja
Connie Fortunato