Dusky Waters

Dusky Waters is the nom de plume for contemporary Americana songwriter/musician Jenn Jeffers. Dusky Waters is an expression of her affinity for the magic of twilight hours and the presence of the Mississippi River that has anchored her life from her childhood on the banks of its tributary Arkansas River in Little Rock, to her early twenties in the delta of northern Louisiana, to her current home in New Orleans. In many ways her music sonically mirrors this life journey; having absorbed elements of gospel, folk, and soul, while still embracing contemporary pop melodies and arrangements. Incorporating and exploring the sounds that she uncovered along the way, her songs ultimately express a modern woman’s experience of the deep South, a manifestation of the magic and mourning of the bayou state, and hopeful odes to the power of self-actualization. Dusky Waters' sound is upbeat and fresh; soulful lyricism meets high-powered banjo and guitar licks that ebb and flow like the Mississippi river--all set to a backdrop of reimagined folk melodies that meet New Orleans-inspired blues to form her unique blend of Americana.

She is also co-founder of BlackAmericana Fest, a platform used to honor and celebrate the musical heritage, legacy, and contributions of Black artists making music in the Americana and Folk genres in New Orleans and the Mississippi River Delta region. The vision for BlackAmericana Fest originated with her desire to learn more about her musical heritage, hear from culture bearers of this musical tradition, and elevate the stories and contributions of Black folk, often overlooked in narratives about this genre.

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