Steph Pappas

Steph Pappas digs deep into a North America viewed from backroads, back porches, sleeping bags, apple orchards, and cold city streets and comes up with a handful of low-down-and-dirty harmonica blues, a twist of acoustic roots rock and a flip side she just may be Jimi Hendrix’s baby sister.

“I remember hanging out with the ol’ hippies & lesbians and we use to say in the late 60’s and 70’s, that change happens via rallies, working jobs inside the system and folks just living their lives. So we stopped arguing about the different groups working from different angles hoping somewhere we’d make a break thru.”

Steph Pappas is a captivating performer pushing boundary’s of what women can do on stage. She can unify a diverse audience thru energetic psychedelic blues rock.

Steph’s songs are gritty, honest renditions of life on the road, often penned during tours by Greyhound bus and a stint as an interstate truck driver, and honed onstage in response to audience feedback. They are the soul of true American music. Her sound is so powerful and distinctive, folk music diva, Odetta, asked for Steph’s autograph after witnessing her performance.

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