Krudas Cubensi

Krudas Cubensi2019 Internationally recognized as Krudas Cubensi, Odaymar & Oli are originally Cuban Queer Trans Nonbinary Artivists Feminist Hip-Hop Pioneers, currently Oakland California residents. Working class Independent Musicians, Justice Fighters standing for black people, trans people, woman, queers, inmigrants, intersectional beings. In the nineties in Cuba they developed into gender and sexuality justice warriors advocating against racism and created Krudas Cubensi. Escaping censorship and looking for a better future, they decided to leave Cuba in 2006 and relocated to the US to pursue their dreams and internationalize their career.

They continue performing, recording, giving talks, workshops, educating and touring nationally, globally and virtually, all independently, twisting powerful crispy flow, fierce feminist rebel lyrics & afro-cuban sounds to uplift a message that makes their music irresistible.

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