Dr. Keith Anderson

Dr. Keith L. Anderson is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, but lived most of his younger life in Vallejo, California. He is a graduate of Vallejo Senior High School, Solano Community College and Boise State University. He attended Utah State University, School of Graduate Studies and later the University of Idaho, where in May 2006 he received a Doctor of Philosophy, in Educational Leadership.

Dr. Anderson is a former scholarship football player for Boise State University. He is a published author, having written two novels " A Field Day' re-written and re-titled 'Elijah In Centerfield' and 'A Black Soul Rises' and 'From Racist to Non-Racist to Anti-Racist: Becoming Part of the Solution'. He is also an accomplished vocalist, recording three CDs and performing numerous live concerts and dinner shows.

Dr. Anderson conducts business seminars, teacher in-services and lectures, throughout the Pacific Northwest. His topics range from student motivation, diversity, multiculturalism in the classroom and Understanding and Disassembling Racism. Dr. Anderson was an adjunct instructor for over 18 years, he has taught courses such as 'Disassembling Racism', 'Sociology of African Americans' and Speech Communication, at Boise State University. Dr. Anderson was also the first African American to have his own television show (Praise Time Videos), which aired for 3 years on two CBS affiliates, in the state of Idaho.

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