Vera Chisvo

Maria Chisvo is a young woman, funky jazz vocalist, voice actor, model and guitarist who goes by the pseudonym Vera. She is a creative catalyst winner of the Women Rising Award from the Hub Unconference 2020, US Embassy International Visitors Leadership Program Alumni of 2021, and Pop Up Small Grants for the creative digital projects awardee. She uses her music as a tapestry of the lives young people. She also uses satire, dance, and drama to accentuate her lyrics.

Vera has performed at numerous events, including HIFA, Miombo Festival, Intwasa and the Zimbabwe Jazz Festival and internationally in Germany at the Pop-Kultur Festival and Poland at the Lau Dato Si Festival, Maun Festival of the arts Botswana, and DRC. She has been on multiple international panels such as the Arts Council for Malta, Music To Life and In Place of War where she shared her experience as a musician in a country where art plays a crucial role in speaking truth to power.

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