Vera Chisvo

Vera ChisvoOverview: Vera is a Zimbabwean-based funky jazz vocalist and guitarist. As a proud activist and philanthropist, she recently founded a creative hub in Harare, Zimbabwe, the Incubator ZW: a virtual hub that aims at inspiring and motivating creatives to reach their full potential. Incubator ZW also hosts a bi-monthly podcast and video blog called ‘Her Hour’ that promotes freedom of speech among young Zimbabweans around issues that affect them in their everyday lives.

Conflict: Zimbabwe is a country that houses many creatives however with its harsh economic crises that have crippled the nation for over 40 years and continuous shrinking of civil space, creatives have found themselves scrounging around for what little support they can receive. With a government that is notorious for using creatives to push their political agenda, most creatives find themselves struggling to pursue their careers as non-partisan content creators. In addition, due to the harsh economic conditions, most creative spaces that support emerging artists have closed due to a lack of funding and being unable to sustain themselves. Vera is concerned about the Government’s increasing political intimidation and censorship of content in Zimbabwe, citing new legislation via the Cyber Security Bill and the Patriotic Bill that will increasingly control what Zimbabweans are free to talk about.

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Organisation: Incubator ZW, Moto Republik
Location: Harare, Zimbabwe