Luke "Skippy" Harbur

Beatboxing specialist and performer Luke "Skippy" Harbur is a vivacious artist known for his cross-pollinated brand of alternative music touching on hip hop, Broadway, EDM, and singer-songwriter influences. Like a theater company curating theater seasons, his trailblazing project musicbyskippy features different live experiences based on different genres in his discography, garnering community (nominated “Best Musician” by The Pitch Kansas City magazine, 2023), state (selected 1 of 4 artists for “Featured Artist Program” by the Missouri Arts Council) , and national awards “Staff Pick Award” winner by Minnesota Fringe, 4 of 101 festival shows selected).

The Overland Park, Kansas native is based out of Kansas City, Missouri, constantly developing skills in beatboxing, singing, beat production, rapping, & keyboard playing to express his core mission: music and live performances should be safe havens for everyone to express their authenticity. Since November 2021 he’s written, produced, and published over 40 songs, created 8 original productions, and exceeded 300,000 total music streams.

Each opportunity to perform is rooted in a deeper story. At 5 months he was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare liver disease. 6 months later he received a life-saving liver transplant from an 8-year-old boy named Aaron Drake, who passed away while on a camping trip with his family at The Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. Harbur uses his second chance to make performances a testament to sharing his life and near-death experiences, and through his growing discography and show schedule, he hopes you find music and a live experience you love.

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