Brandon Stuart

Brandon Stuart is a musician, actor, dancer, yogi, and founder of Detroit-based, creative arts collective, ICONICLASS. In communion with motley crews of fellow artists, he engages with the realm of A.r.t. in everyday life as “A random thought”, the embodiment of curiosity and self-expression emerging from the depths of the mind as it continuously works to process lived experiences. In the context of his music, Brandon’s (aka OnBrand) upcoming studio album “Birth of a Brand” is a sonic depiction of the millennial journey through balancing the need for financial stability with the persistent resolve to realize personal truths by virtue of energetic freedom. In alignment with his own healing journey, the project is slated for release in 2024.

Brandon holds a B.A. in Behavioral Biology and East Asian Studies from Johns Hopkins University, and a Master of Liberal Arts for intellectual freedom from the University of Chicago. In 2020, he was awarded grant funding in the amount of $20,000 to design and lead a creative voting rights project called “Float The Vote”. The project culminated with “Float The Vote: Tell Your Story”, a short documentary film highlighting the team’s efforts, becoming an official selection of the 2021 PopDoc Awards, the 2021 Detroit Black Film Festival, and the 2021 Better Cities Film Festival. As one of eleven Unstoppable Voters Projects supported by the Center for Artistic Activism (C4AA), this marked his entrance into professionally contributing to creative efforts as a social change musician.

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