Rees Shad

Rees Shad is a singer/songwriter with 16 solo releases to date and songs and/or performances on over 30 releases.  He is also a former music executive, having run an indie label, publishing company, and recording studio before focusing his attention on usability studies (MS -RPI), design & technology (MFA – Parsons), and policy studies in higher education (Ed.S. – U. Mass Amherst), and forging a career in Higher Education as a program developer, college administrator, and professor of media studies and design. While Shad taught for 7 years as an adjunct at Parsons, he found his true calling as a professor at CUNY where he spent more than a decade developing and running programs at a community college called Hostos in the South Bronx.

Since retiring from his position as tenured associate professor in 2018, Shad has lived in the Berkshires and dedicated a good deal of time to helping the local food pantry, serving on the Board for three years and being a general addresser of things in need of repair, development, and loving attention. Shad contributes to the community doing handyman work, giving music lessons and the like with all payments directed to the Pantry. In recent years he has returned to performing music and has been touring with a trio since 2019. Shad's latest album, The Galahad Blues, is a noir take on the Arthurian legends through a 1940s Chicago gangland framework.

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