Transcendental folk bard Stellar is a clear voice ringing out for justice and liberation. Seamlessly weaving the evocative story and soul of their songwriting with the clarity and urgency of our times, their 2021 solo debut RAINBOW SHADOWS is a manifesto of fury and compassion, a message in a bottle filled with uprising, ancestry, love, hope, and resilience. From calling out white supremacy, capitalism, and corporate greed, to painting hopeful pictures of a different world, the RAINBOW SHADOWS bulletin is clear: silent complicity in a system that benefits only the few and powerful cheats all of us out of a better and more beautiful future.

With echoes of early influences Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman, Stellar sings with a conviction and joy that helps us remember the personal is political, oppression must be unlearned, and liberation is for everyone. When they're not making music, Stellar can be found organizing with local activists, writing poetry, taking a long view of history, and doing their part to turn the Earth-ship toward a future where all are free.

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