Elexa Dawson

Elexa Dawson gives audiences something to cry about. Powerful honey-dirt vocals accompany thoughtful compositions manifesting Americana where sultry soul meets rural roots. Deeply connected to land, her themes center earth and community, and celebrate relationships, from mother and child to friend and lover.

Her latest release "Wanderlust" debuted at #11 on the Folk International Chart. "Music is Medicine" debuted Elexa’s solo career and won a NAMA for Best Country Recording. Elexa is a Citizen of the Potawatomi Nation. She founded and operates Turns Out Records and Good Way Gardens and is the lead songwriter of Kansas folk darlings Weda Skirts.

As a rural artist, Elexa values community. For twelve years, produced the Chase County Earth Day Celebration. In 2019, Elexa was awarded the Artist in Business Leadership Fellowship from First Peoples Fund and granted funding for her debut album. She performed multiple private showcases at Folk Alliance International in January of 2020, and was a delegate at the concurrent International Indigenous Music Summit. She’s on the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission Touring Roster. In 2020, she was awarded the Western Arts Alliance Advancing Indigenous Performance Fellowship. She serves on the Matfield Green Works Advisory Council.

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Elexa Dawson

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