Dr. Thomas RaShad Easley

Dr. Thomas RaShad Easley (AKA RaShad Eas) is a prolific instrumentalist, lyricist, and scholar. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, RaShad carries forward the history and revolution of the civil rights movement through his work and lyrics.

Since 2008, RaShad created six full projects that weave together poignant stories of blackness, faith, spirituality, diversity, love, pain, environmental justice, respecting indigenous nations and being open hearted/minded. With his music crew, Great Minds Alliance, they released their first collective album Dean’s List in 2020.

RaShad does not shy away from tough topics nor from tough circumstances and uses his wide-ranging experiences to craft his music, messaging and impact on those he works with. RaShad has been a campus pastor, a forester, an assistant dean at Yale University and a diversity facilitation professional. He calls his art – “Save Your Life Music” – to teach people about life and the environment, and to inspire people to take care of themselves and others. Bottom line, he encourages everyone to listen to the artist within and share it with the world.