Eric Salazar

Eric Salazar is The Clarinet Guy. He is a performer, composer, and public speaker who plays the music he loves to play and wants to share it with as many people as possible.

Salazar performs as a soloist and as a chamber musician, mixing together classical music with spontaneous improvisation. He also composes music, both for the stage and for film. Through engaging in these different activities The Clarinet Guy has emerged as a leader of creative projects, creating spaces for effective collaboration that produce invigorating results for musicians and audiences.

From his experience, Salazar has learned how to inspire people to do the special thing they want to do with their lives. Most people just need to give themselves permission to dare to be great, and The Clarinet Guy loves taking people under his wing to help them pursue their dreams. His communication style embraces uncomfortable conversations, while retaining respectful language. With trust as the foundation, Salazar leads teams of artists and entrepreneurs towards a future where fulfillment, self-sufficiency, and sustainability are the reality.

When performing, he embraces being vulnerable on stage as he shares stories in a way that makes the listener feel like they can be vulnerable too. Sharing this experience together produces a magical effect where all come away with a better understanding of themselves. Salazar always jokingly says “I owe you an explanation for what you’re about to hear” when he presents music that he writes, but at the heart of it all, The Clarinet guy simply writes music that will tell you a story, so you can feel seen and feel connected to those around you. His music isn’t necessarily in the classical style, though it is cinematic and merges inventive electronic sounds with familiar instruments.

As a public speaker, Salazar walks the line between educating and entertaining. His primary goal is to inspire the people in the room to have the confidence they need to move forward, all while taking time to address their real life problems. By keeping things engaging with wisdom-infused stories, he is able to address the elephants in the room and explore data-driven strategies to tackle challenges.

Salazar is a tea drinker, plays soccer, and gets lost playing Dungeons and Dragons. Ask him to tell you a joke sometime. Eric Salazar is a Pereira 3D Artist. He plays on a Pereira 3D printed clarinet and ligature.

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"Salazar is a dynamic and creative performer..."

~Kyle Long, NUVO Music Columnist