Myles Bullen

Myles Bullen is an Indigenous Artpoet and indie rap artist from Portland, Maine. Music has helped him through the hardest parts of his life; he makes his music to help others in the same way. With inventive wordplay and powerful lyrics, Myles raps over everything from smooth jazz beats, to ukulele, or entirely acapella. Myles collaborated with the Maine State Prison and the University of Maine to create Survivor Stories: a 15-week residency with prison inmates on writing and performance. Myles describes his work as “an act of harm reduction” and helping incarcerated people understand that their lives are worth living. He has also developed a version of the program for wardens. With the support of Music to Life, Myles was able to frame his project in a cohestive and digestible way and seek funding. To date, he has piloted the program, confirmed collaborators, and a multi-year funding source. Miles says of MtL, “[I’ve] felt like [I’ve] had some accountability, [with] something to show up to every month… people who believed in me.”