Dumi Right

Dumi Right is a performing artist, MC, and songwriter who has been recognized as a standard bearer in global and progressive hip hop circles for many years. He was first introduced to audiences during hip hop’s golden age as a member of Zimbabwe Legit, one of the first hip hop groups coming from Africa to gain widespread international recognition. His influence has been documented in the domestic and international mass media from Billboard, to the Source, Hip Hop Connection, Waxpoetics, as well as in academic works of hip hop history, including Say It Loud! The Story of Rap Music by K. Maurice Jones and The Hip Hop Wars by Tricia Rose.

Dumi has been invited to speak and perform for classes and panel discussions at colleges including University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Howard University, George Washington University, American University and Virginia Tech University. Over the years, he has also served as point person for several events involving music, arts and culture, collaborating and interacting with organizations and artists from a wide variety of different countries.

Dumi RIGHT is also an official hip hop ambassador, having been selected to complete a residency in Thailand teaching emceeing to youth in underserved communities as part of the Next Level cultural exchange initiative.

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