Chad Harper

Chad Harper is an accomplished Hip Hop artist, educator and mentor. For the past decade, Harper has used music to educate youth about social issues through his nonprofit foundation “Hip Hop Saves Lives.” He conducts workshops locally and around the world that aim to build the self esteem of youth by enlightening them about the work of humanitarians. Harper notes: “Our workshops allow children to utilize the knowledge they absorb from the weekly 'everyday hero' stories we share about humanitarians to craft their own, personal songs about what they've learned. This can turn the shyest student into the next school superstar, and watching that student's self-esteem blossom is his greatest reward.”

Harper is currently producing an album titled: "I Am Black American,” around which he will partner with youth to craft songs about both the rich achievements and over-comings of black Americans. The website will serve as a learning tool for educators and will allow schools across the country to make their own musical contributions.

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Music to Life: Brave Troubadour, Chad Harper

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