Joselyn Wilkinson

Joselyn Wilkinson is a songwriter, singer, performer and educator whose career bridges arts education, entertainment and social and environmental advocacy. Her latest project is Joselyn & Don, a folk/Americana duo with my multi-instrumentalist husband, Don Barrozo. Their 2020 debut album “Soar” and 2022 EP “Seeds & Bones” have received strong reviews and radio airplay leading to tours throughout the western U.S.

Joselyn is also the founder of ADAAWE, an Afro-fusion women’s ensemble, which has toured the U.S. and appeared at festivals, venues and benefits. ADAAWE’s music celebrates the power of diverse women and music to uplift audiences. She founded ADAAWE after extended study at the University of Ghana, Legon and in Dakar, Senegal where she experienced music as a tool of resilience that brought people together.

Joselyn's music finds itself at the intersection of self and society, where self-examination meets the challenges of the moment, inspired by her own connection to the earth - how what she sees and feels out in nature mirrors her own emotional struggle or journey. She is constantly amazed at how a deeply personal song can sometimes feel universal, and how we can find our common humanity in one another’s self-expression.

Joselyn & Don are committed to social and environmental justice, and personally committed to reducing single-use plastic and the waste so often produced during music and arts events. As artists, they seek to create meaningful community through their performances, and empower people through songwriting workshops where they can tap their own creativity.

Connect with Joselyn:

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