Cheryl Cawood

Cheryl Cawood is a singer/songwriter in Sante Fe, Texas. Her music presents an edgy Country/Blues/Folk vibe. When two of her three daughters fell into patterns of substance abuse, Cheryl turned her experiences into activism by using her music to support the families of people with substance use disorders. With the help of Music to Life, Cheryl was able to start her program, Hope Loves Harmony (HLH), a 1+ hour group music-engagement session, conducted in collaboration with clinical addiction/recovery professionals, held once/week for 6-8 weeks.

HLH’s goal is to help participants share and document their own stories through songwriting, poetry, and musical exchange to facilitate healing and begin to reclaim the self confidence they need to sustain a sense of normalcy on the home front and to help rebuild their lives and the lives of those they love. Longer term, HLH provides a pathway for participants to use their new found voices as advocates against the opioid crisis.

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