Dayvin Hallmon

Dayvin HallmonDayvin M.A. Hallmon is the musical grandchild of Jascha Heifetz, Dr. Thomas Dorsey and Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Since the age of 9, Dayvin has been building ensembles in churches and helping congregations craft a strategic vision for their music ministry. Perfectly at home in both Gospel and Western Classical, Dayvin was Assistant Concertmaster of the Church of God In Christ International Orchestra for seven years.

Dayvin has been studying music since the age of 5. He plays Violin, viola, clarinet, piano, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute and pipe organ. Dayvin was born in Chicago, grew up in Racine, Wisconsin and is currently a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He is also the founder and Music Director of the Black String Triage Ensemble: a group of violin, viola, cello and upright/double bass players from the city and county of Milwaukee. The Black String Triage Ensemble is open to any and all Black or Latinx string players regardless of age and regardless of playing ability. The Black String Triage Ensemble is committed to using music as the healing force for the soul in the immediate aftermath of community violence. The Black String Triage Ensemble plays concerts for the community at the scene of the incident.

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