Z Saj

Z Saj, pronounced Z Sage, is an artist, songwriter, public speaker, educator and business-owner from the west side of Chicago, IL. Saj pulls inspiration from her everyday experiences. Authenticity has been a big key in the creation of Z Saj’s journey. She has made it a point to not let violence be the crux of her content despite it being a reality while still commenting on injustices she faces as a Black Queer woman.

Saj currently teaches a music production course at Barton Elementary school for the nonprofit Lead With love and organization based in Southside Chicago that "puts love into action" to combat social injustices youth face relating to mental health, physical health, education, and exposure.

She is also involved as engineer and community member with Healthy Hood, a community based, non-profit organization in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Healthy Hood was created after partnering with Youth Health Service Corps, a youth based health-initiative program that works with local youth to educate and eradicate the five most common diseases that act as killers in communities of color (a twenty-year life expectancy gap exists in Chicago between underprivileged communities and affluent communities).

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