Elijah Rock

Elijah Rock is proud to announce his selection as an Atlantic Fellow with the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Trinity College Dublin. Embarking on his one-year Fellowship in August 2023, Elijah's commitment to advancing dementia research through music, science, and advanced technology shines through his role as the Founder and President of The Elijah Rock Foundation.

With a profound understanding of the transformative power of the arts, Elijah has established himself as a visionary in the field as an Innovative Arts Technology Consultant and the founder of ER Consulting and Associates, LLC. Through his foundation and consultancy, Elijah combines his expertise in arts and technology to provide cutting-edge solutions that elevate artistic endeavors and drive innovation. His collaborative initiatives aim to leverage digital platforms and innovative approaches, enhancing the impact of the arts in advancing brain health. With a relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and infusing creativity into every project, Elijah's work resonates with his deep understanding of the intersection between arts and technology, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in the field.

As a Global Atlantic Fellow, he stands poised to make significant contributions that will revolutionize our approach to brain health and inspire positive change worldwide. Rock is also a remarkable American artist known for his exceptional talents as a singer, actor, tap dancer, and recording artist. He has long made his mission clear of keeping the proud traditions and legacies of The Great American Songbook not just alive…but vibrant. The Legendary Tony Bennett recently exalted Rock by saying, “Keep on singing and keep this beautiful music alive!” Drawing inspiration from the world of jazz and classical, he showcases his exceptional vocal artistry and pays homage to the classic era of music.

Building on the success of his earlier albums, Gershwin for My Soul and Matters of The Heart, Rock, a superior singer with a deep baritone voice, recently released his new four-song EP Swoon. Rock's profound musicality and passion continue to captivate listeners and breathe new life into the cherished melodies of The Great American Songbook.

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