Sydney + Brayden Guerrette (aka In the Company of Wolves)

Sydney and Brayden Guerrette make up the indie group In the Company of Wolves. This brother-sister duo, originally from Portland, Maine, spent most of 2019 and the early part of 2020 performing on the road until the pandemic grounded their family in Chattanooga, Tennessee. These young singer-songwriters with profoundly old souls intertwine their love for music with a passion for story-telling. Inspired by some of their favorite musical influences, including Novo Amor, Mumford and Sons, and Phoebe Bridgers they share their passion for community and their commitment to mental health advocacy, making sure youth, especially those struggling with their mental health, feel seen, heard, and loved.

At the age of 15, Sydney founded Be The Change Youth Initiative, a non-profit organization committed to encouraging youth towards balanced mental well-being, by educating, equipping, and empowering the next generation to become advocates for their communities through personal engagement and collaboration. Sharing their own mental health stories, including Brayden's struggle with depression and suicidal ideation during his middle school years, these two singer-songwriters travel the country speaking and performing to audiences larger and small, committed to helping reduce the occurrence of youth suicide.

In the captivating melodies they weave and the stories they tell, In the Company of Wolves showcases an extraordinary blend of musical talent and compassionate purpose, resonating deeply with listeners and inspiring positive change in the world.

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