Andreína Maldonado

​​Andreína Maldonado is a Venezuelan anthropologist, entrepreneur, and interdisciplinary artist based in San Francisco, California. With a passion for curating immersive experiences, she brings her multifaceted expertise to diverse settings, spanning corporate environments, theaters, bars, and site-specific performances. In 2021, Andreína founded BienStar Consulting, her own small business. Through BienStar Consulting, she offers a wide range of services, including wellness, music, dance, language justice, project management and socially-engaged art project ideas, establishing herself as a dynamic force in both the artistic and social spheres.

Andreína's impactful work with domestic workers and day laborers has earned recognition and support from esteemed funding organizations such as the SF Arts Commission, the California Arts Council, NALAC, and the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts. Her artistic projects carry a profound mission: to amplify the voices of workers, lead community organizing efforts, and challenge damaging narratives surrounding labor.

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