Shelley Segal

Shelley SegalSegal's work is rooted in organic sounds and instrumentation. Her nylon acoustic helms both the fingerpicking of her gentle, folkier offerings and the force of her rockier surges. Raised in her father's Klezmer (traditional jewish folk) band she incorporates many of those early influential melodies, progressions and even some Hebrew liturgy with contemporary forms. Lyric centered and often challenging societal norms Segal "reminds of Tori Amos, Kate Miller Heidke and Ani Difranco, she's not afraid to say something." (Jeff Jenkins ABC)

As a young adult questioning her tradition, themes of free-thinking and empowerment inspired her debut album. The folk-pop protest record garnered fans in the US and kicked off 8 years of non-stop touring with a performance to 30,000 on the National Mall in Washington DC.

In between country crossing Shelley regularly creates music which supports grass-roots activists and performs for community activist groups and human rights organizations. Notable releases include the folksy/bluesy 'Little March' with legendary guitarist/songwriter Adam Levy (Norah Jones/Tracy Chapman), the aesthetics lamenting 'Sidelined,' feminist anthem 'Our Resistance,' confronting travel vignette 'Morocco' and finally a move to Los Angeles where Shelley is an in-demand songwriter. Her works have been placed in award winning films and with international artists garnering millions of views online.

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