(Genre: Folk, Gospel, Country, Rock. Americana, Musical Theatre, Spoken Word, Blues)

Mehuman means, “The Faithful One”. Artist, activist, advocate, adventurer and true to her ancient name, Mehuman's songs invite the listener into her fearless transparency. Mehuman’s signature sound, “folk hop for hip folk” is Affrilachia - Americana, is rooted in the traditional rhythms of Gospel, Jazz, and Blues. With keening spirit-filled melodies enveloping folky lyricism Mehuman sings from her soul with a sacred conviction that lovingly ministers to troubled and despairing hearts with one tested truth, “There is always Hope.” In times when the world needs a more grace, and a lot more love, both are found in rare abundance in Mehuman’s life and music.

"Right as rain" and uncommonly authentic, Mehuman’s music ignites personal revolutions that encourage a bolder way of being, a kinder way of seeing, and hopefully, a more merciful way of sharing. A seasoned bard diva committed to cultivating compassion, Mehuman’s intimate storytelling of life, love, liberty, and loss are both a genuine comfort and refreshing inspirations. All bittersweet, all joyful, and all true, Mehuman’s musical accounts from survivor to victor, have un-silenced testimony of her life journey - Reclaimed and transformed.

Internationally celebrated in churches, mansions to hollers, Mehuman has the ability to cultivate safe spaces in every language of laughter or tears. As a global citizen, Mehuman is grateful to have shared stages with Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright, Sheila E., Luka Bloom, Amelia White, Jimmy Gnecco (Ours), Ani DiFranco, Genevieve Racette, Amanda Williams, BeccaBiggs, Ruthie Foster, King Kyoti, G-Love, Laurie Jones, and many more.

Always paying it forward, as the Creator/Host of a weekly virtual show, Wish I Wrote It! - Celebrating Artists Who Inspire. Mehuman delights in promoting the work of other artists while raising awareness of organizations serving our communities. Now in the third season, view W.I.W.I interviews on Youtube and Facebook @WISHIWROTEIT with Chapel Hart, Danny McGraw, Dan Navarro, The Slants, Marina Rocks, Amelia White, The Kentucky Gentlemen, Thornetta Davis, Chad Elliott, Tommy Womack, Ellissa Sun, Sam Robbins and more. Watch, Wish I Wrote It! hosted by Mehuman, every week for the best emerging and most popular artists! "Everything worthwhile starts and ends with a song!" - Mehuman, W.I.W.I Creator/Host.

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