Shadoe Heiple

Shadoe is an Alutiiq and Tsimshian artist driven by her life purpose of connecting her community to the power and transformation found in song and heritage. With 15 years of musical experience as a singer, composer, drummer, and voice coach, she passionately embodies her mission.

One manifestation of her mission is through the Beats and Bones Women's Healing Choir, where she has cultivated a nurturing environment for women to experience transformation through song, drums, and community. Additionally, she leads drumming groups and infuses indigenous inspirations into her jazz and alternative folk performances.

Furthermore, Shadoe's dedication extends to preserving the endangered Tsimshian language through her original songs. Her commitment to native language reclamation earned her the Creative Cultural Beat Award in 2023. She was also awarded with the Gates Millennium Scholarship in 2008 for academic and philanthropic excellence. She utilized this scholarship to obtain her Bachelor's degree in Music with a minor in Native American Studies.

Moreover, Shadoe has brought the vibrant essence of dance and music from her travels to Ghana to Moscow public schools through the Festival Dance Program. By sharing her experiences and cultural traditions, she has enriched the lives of students, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

Through her contributions, Shadoe strives to revive community singing, ancestral roots music, and cultural pride.

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