Nimesh Patel

Nimo (Nimesh) Patel

Nimo (Nimesh) Patel, is a world-renowned hip hop musician, humanitarian and ambassador of love and peace. His music and music videos have traversed the world to over 100 million viewers through MTV, Youtube, Tony Robins Events, the BBC Channel and more. Nimo has shared his heart-felt message in over 20 countries from schools, refugee camps and hospitals to international conferences, prisons and music festivals. Through his Non-Profit, Empty Hands Music, he continues to use music and art as a positive agent of change.

Nimo's journey has taken him from an Ivy League education to working on Wall Street to burgeoning fame as an MTV rap star to now serving the underprivileged in India. After directing two worldwide Performance tours with 33 children from slum communities in India, and producing a pioneering "Empty Hands" album that has reached millions, he humbly continues to spread the universal message of oneness through his music and grassroots work.

IG: NimoEmptyHands
FB: Nimesh Nimo Patel