Veronica Wirges

Veronica Wirges (she/her) is a multi-instrumentalist and art educator from Little Rock, Arkansas, whose passion for improving spaces shines through her work. As a member of the LGBT community, Veronica brings a unique perspective to her art, creating from the edge of queer culture in the South.She has captivated audiences across the United States, performing from California to Pennsylvania, showcasing her talents on low-register saxophones and keys. Veronica has delved into creating immersive art, blending visual elements into her performances to craft captivating experiences.

Recently featured in showcases with BMI, Folk Alliance International, and Launch! Music Conference, Veronica and her music project Monsterboy LIVES have been awarded CATALYZE, Somefund, and CXF Mixtapes.Committed to art education, Veronica collaborates with organizations such as the Arkansas Arts Council and the Mid-America Arts Alliance, supporting emerging artists in finding their creative voice. She has also initiated a webpage to connect musicians to resources within Arkansas and has joined the Recording Academy to advocate for resources in her state. Through her work, Veronica continues to inspire and educate others, demonstrating the transformative power of art and music for self-expression and connection.

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