Brook Faulk

Brook FaulkBrook Faulk originally hails from Halfway, Oregon. Her style can be described as outlaw honky-tonk meets Indie rock. She has gained experience in a variety of genres during her 18 years on stage. She did her time playing in Nashville and Texas, even touring and recording for a few years with her childhood heroes- the original members of the Waylon Jennings Band. Brook has been selected as a member of the national touring organization, The Last Honky-Tonk Music Series. She currently plays in the Brook Faulk Band, Swillbilly, and her all southern touring female power trio, Charmed. Faulk founded the ISA music series, Sisters In Songwriting in Spring 2015. She finds great joy in seeing the talented folks in her community join together to grow in music and as human beings.

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