Phyllis Sinclair

Canadian Folk Music Award nominated Singer-songwriter, Phyllis Sinclair taps on the conscience of the established ethos to flag distinctions and inequities under a brilliant banner of song. With seraphic vocals she charmingly disarms, soliciting a self-imposed metamorphosis to transform old ways of thinking into new possibilities. Distinguished by Maverick Magazine as a "A Lady of Conviction”, Sinclair is a deceivingly quiet and amiable diplomatist. Her passion and advocacy are evident in her nurtured prose, humour, and congeniality.

A singer-songwriter for over two decades Sinclair was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award for her 5th album Ghost Bones. This album struck a cord with listeners, propelling Ghost Bones to #1 on the Canadian National Folk, Roots and Blues Chart, Top 100 Albums OF 2021 list on the CKUA Radio Network, and Top 10 placements on numerous independent, and indigenous radio stations across Canada.

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Phyllis Sinclair, Music to Life

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