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Partners & Collaborators

You’re a nonprofit, civic, social enterprise or music affinity group, looking for innovative approaches to your work and supporter engagement. Or you’re a university, festival, or conference looking for distinctive programming, workshops or panels with a music and social justice angle. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Accelerator Workshop: A weekend incubator program that helps you tap and engage with your local/regional social change musicians for social change musicians that…
  • Creative Alliance: Help elevate your organization’s national profile by coordinating with Music to Life’s themed concert series, Brave Troubadours. In exchange for helping us spread the word, we’ll thank you by featuring your logo during the performance.
  • Speaker’s Bureau: Our roster of talented and accomplished musicians can speak to and perform for your gathering, or conduct an educational session or workshop. Learn more about them here. Get in touch with us for details.
  • Collaborative Projects: We can work with you to intentionally connect music and musicians with your activities. Looking to integrate themed music for change into your next conference? Seeking ways to develop music-driven programming to benefit the people and communities you serve? Considering a music series that tackles the issues of your community? Our creative team can brainstorm ideas with you and brainstorm how to bring them to life!

Partner Benefits

Music has always been used to set a positive tone, raise awareness and connect across differences. These days, however, music and social justice come together as a distinctive tool for galvanizing the masses. Studies find that music is a key influencer in the formation of young peoples’ identities, and that musicians engaged in activism help their fans feel more personally connected to issues, believing that their participation can make a difference. Developing approaches that engage socially conscious musicians and music for social change can further your organization’s mission and your event goals:

  • Highly visible way to promote progressive values
  • Arts and social justice themes attract new sources of funding and underwriting
  • Generates positive PR around the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Attracts young, diverse, socially conscious artists and fans

We’re here to help!

Get in touch and let’s explore how we might work together to build a better event, advance your mission or create an inspiring program.