Performance Platforms

These entertaining, inspiring and educational platforms are designed to help social change musicians share their work with new audiences, get to know their fellow artists in the space of arts and social justice and amplify their messaging and impact

Brave Troubadours
As part of this ongoing educational series, frontline musical activists perform live and share stories behind their work, exploring music’s capacity to move the needle on the issues of our time: civil rights, climate advocacy, poverty, health, and many more. Each episode connects artists to new audiences, offers 60+ minutes of song and conversation, and opportunities for learning how to take some music-driven action of your own.
Hope Rocks
HOPE ROCKS is a virtual dance party series led by “guest” DJs celebrating and honoring the promise of positive and peaceful change. DJs work their mixing magic to curate and reimagine a diverse selection of popular social change music from both new and traditional artists. Each episode is an opportunity to create experiences that will engage and inspire a new audience to get their groove on, activate their spirits, get them hopeful again.
Accelerating Change
The Accelerating Change house concert series showcases activist musicians from our Accelerator Academy and Workshops. After completing the academy or workshop, each Accelerator artist is offered this platform for their issue of concern. Accelerator artists are empowered to share their musical talents and inspirational stories with a new audience. This year, the series reached more than 1,000 people around the country, and addressed issues including: immigration advocacy, racial justice, mental health, climate change, and youth empowerment.
Howard Podcast Collaborative
In partnership with students, faculty, and administrators at Howard University, Music to Life is developing an annual podcast development project to engage student teams in creating and curating a podcast series for musician change agents. Through future collaborations with national and regional nonprofits, the annual program will foster hands-on, real-life learning experiences for students, while also enriching the mission of charitable organizations like our own.