Brave Troubadours: March 24, 2022

Brave Troubadours: March 24, 2022

Special Edition: Ukrainian Youth Sing to the World

This episode is made possible by a generous donation
from Music to Life friend, Deecie Denison…
and is dedicated to Connie Fortunato, her staff in Ukraine,
and all of the wonderful children who play and sing because of their work

DATE: Thursday, March 24, 2022
TIME: 5pm PT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET
NOTE: Event will be LIVE streamed on Music to Life's Facebook and YouTube, as well as Music Camp International's YouTube. Help us spread the word by sharing this URL or inviting friends via Facebook!

DONATIONS: Please give generously to support Music Camp International’s Humanitarian Project for Ukrainian refugees. Donation link here.

Brave Troubadours is a live concert and educational series, showcasing today's frontline musical change agents.

This special edition of Brave Troubadours will feature Connie Fortunato, the Founder and President of Music Camp International (MCI), joining us live from California.​ ​MCI transform​s​ children, communities and countries through the power of music. Since 2002, MCI has served approximately 30,000 children in Romania and Ukraine. Under Connie’s leadership, MCI is using music to build bridges of communication and interaction—crossing all economic, educational, social, political and religious barriers to work with children from the finest environments to those living on a landfill in a toxic waste disposal site.

Please join us for a specially curated showcase of live music videos from Connie’s work and inspiring reflections on her relentless drive to use music as a tool to foster dignity and love in children from all situations in life. Facilitated by Liz Stookey Sunde (Co-Founder & Executive Director of Music to Life) with production assistance from Sarah Morge, Communications Major, Pace University, and the Music to Life Team (Esme Cole, Paige Menneci and Randi Herath).

All funds raised will be donated to the MCI Team in Ukraine.

"We believe passionately that all children are talented and should be given love and dignity – and the opportunity and encouragement to discover and develop their talent in a positive environment." – Connie Fortunato

Featured Artist Changemaker: Connie Fortunato
(click link below to read her bio)

Connie Fortunato