Brave Troubadours: March 18, 2021

Brave Troubadours: March 18, 2021

Brave Troubadours
Honoring Women's History Month

DATE: Thursday, March 18, 2021
TIME: 5pm PT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET
NOTE: Event will be LIVE streamed on Zoom and Facebook.  Help us spread the word by sharing this URL or inviting friends via Facebook!

Brave Troubadours is an educational series, showcasing today's frontline musical activists. Each live episode offers 60+ minutes of song and conversation - an entertaining and inspiring virtual roundtable that explores music's capacity to move the needle on the issues of our time such as civil rights, climate advocacy, poverty, and health. Meet artists on the frontlines of change, bring your questions and learn how to take some music-driven action of your own.

In this episode, we'll focus on the courage, strength and resilience of women, in honor of Women's History Month. We'll hear from Brad Corrigan whose connection with a Nicaraguan girl who lost her life to human trafficking inspired him to write the soundtrack and produce the film, "Ileana's Smile".  Maya Jupiter shares her experience of empowering women through Hip Hop, and Kamica King discusses the evolution of her program, Musically Me, Ultd, created to foster resilience among young women of color. Join these frontline social change musicians as they perform live, offer the stories behind their work, and participate in a round-table discussion.

Artists were joined by Emcee, Liz Stookey Sunde, Executive Director of Music to Life.  Future series will include national thought leaders and influencers relevant to the discussion topic.

March 18, 2021 Brave Troubadours (click link below to read their bios)

Brad Corrigan
Kamica King
Maya Jupiter