Our Approach

It would be really helpful to have resources that understand community building, especially in the modern age of social media; we need to bring the impact of social change music into the mainstream - what worked in the ‘60s will not work now.
~ T. Brown, artist

Our Approach

Music to Life is a convener of opportunities for musician changemakers. We serve activist musicians at various levels of their career and cause-related social change work to magnify their impact. We seek talented artists and support them throughout their careers as they chart their path toward becoming more dynamic, effective agents of change.

Music to Life provides all musicians with various opportunities for developing entrepreneurial approaches to their social change work. Through our Accelerator Academy and Workshops, we help Early-Career activist musicians connect with experts in the fields of social justice, nonprofit work, business leadership, and arts industry.

We offer Mid-Career and Late-Career activist musicians with similar opportunities for networking and mentorship under high-caliber arts and social justice mentors who are experienced leaders in business, music, civics and philanthropy.

Music to Life also provides these artist changemakers with entertaining, inspiring and educational platforms for sharing their work with new audiences, building relationships with fellow artists in the space of arts and social justice, and amplifying their messaging and impact.