Speakers Bureau: Activism and Social Justice

Dayvin Hallmon
What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?
Nate Cameron
Steven Hernandez
Dr. Keith Anderson
Vera Chisvo
Jen Chapin
Jasiri X
Amanda Pascali
Maggie Szabo
Lia Uribe
Kristen Grainger
Alastair Moock
Dumi Right
Dr. Thomas RaShad Easley
Vanessa Lively
Elexa Dawson
Jordan Occasionally
Jason Chu
Enrique Chi
Thea Hopkins
Eric Dozier
Andreína Maldonado
David G Smith
Daniel Pak
Joselyn Wilkinson
Gina Loring
treya lam
Kristen Graves
Elisa Harkins
Tanaya Winder
Myles Bullen
Kamica King

Interested in exploring how our musician changemakers might add value and help activate your event, classroom, panel, or workshop?

Please contact our Artist Liaison, Kyra Shaughnessy for more information at artists@musictolife.org.